A caning

“How many do you owe me?”

She looked at him, bent over the bed naked.
He smiled and stroked the cane over her bare ass.
“Start counting.”
She gripped the bed beneath her and looked back down to start counting her punishment.
“One please sir.”
The first lash of the cane came down with a familiar sting that left a shining red line across her milky white ass.
“Thank you”, she panted slightly.
“Two please sir.”
The second one came down harder making her jolt forward and clench her ass cheeks as she thanked him. She paused slightly before asking for the next one, knowing she wouldn’t have too long or he’d add to her punishment. He rubbed the cane up the backs of her thighs and it sent a shiver through her body making her ask for the next stroke.
The caning goes on and she nearly loses count a few times, focusing on her stinging ass as a slight sweat starts to shimmer over her body.
“Come on, last one.” He says as he runs the cane between her legs. She braces herself, the last one is always the hardest.
“Twelve please sir.”
The cane cracks against her skin and she groans heavily as she thanks him and starts to clamber over the bed quickly, knowing the rules that she must get his cock into her mouth as quick as she can after any punishment to thank him properly.
She takes hold of him and starts to take him deeply, using her hand on what won’t fit in her mouth. She can’t help moaning in pleasure on his cock as he takes hold of her hair and pushes hisself deeper into her throat. He groans a little and she feels pleased with herself.
He pulls her head off his cock and tells her to go back to the same position bent over the end of the bed. She wonders if she is going to receive more punishment but hopes he is going to fuck her from behind.
He moves behind her hot, red ass and pushes her face down onto the bed. She feels his cock press against her tight asshole and feels both panic and excitement deep in her stomach. He pushes his cock and she can’t help letting out a loud moan the deeper he gets. His thick cock stretching her tight asshole. She breathes heavily into the bed she is gripping so tightly as her ass adjusts around his thick cock. He pulls back slowly almost all the way out and again she can’t hold in her moans and groans, normally she can contain herself and keep fairly quiet. He drives back in and starts getting faster as he slams against her red hot ass. Her knuckles are white gripping the bed so tight as the sweat builds on her brow that she is pushing further into the mattress to try and soften the noise she is making.
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