Chemical Play

Chemical play, though the name suggests different, is not the consumption, snorting, or smoking of any chemicals. Instead, it refers to the use of substances often in liquid form, during sex. These chemicals are often body oils, lotions, chili peppers, lemon, Bengay, Vicks Vapor Rub, and more. They are often applied as a means to increase the excitement through a different tactile sensation. Many different bodily areas are applied with these chemicals, such as; Inner thighs, chest, tongue, genitals, and anus.

 Adding another level of sensation to sex, chemical play can be quite exciting and can even increase orgasms. However, the introduction of foreign chemicals to the body can have some innate risks. In some cases, you can receive burns, so safety is priority number 1 in any BDSM play.

Chemical Play
Chemical Play

 Safety Tips

 When practicing chemical play, it should be noted that you will experience some irritation at some point due to what chemicals you use. Of course, you would, why else would you be doing it? So, here are some easy to follow tips to help keep you safe:

#1 Prepare for the worst

It is important to prepare for the worst when you are taking part in chemical play. No, that doesn’t mean bad things will happen, it just means you should be ready in case something does happen. Make sure you have a supply of substances that will counter common side effects such as water, anti-inflammatory medicines, Benadryl, and milk.

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 #2 Test Thoroughly

Make sure you test every chemical before you use an excess of it. Be a polite partner and test everything on yourself first. NOTE: Never test anything in your mouth, always use your inner arm. You are looking for reactions such as instant blistering, inflammation, swelling, severe burning. Always test in small amounts and be aware of any food allergies you and your partner may have.

#3 Something Happened

Did something bad happen? Don’t go into panic mode. Use the appropriate substance to counter the reaction you experience. If it is a food allergy, take the Benadryl and consult a doctor.

Chemical Play
Chemical Play

Some Things to Consider

 There are always facts, common sense scenarios, and important notes to consider when trying any play. So, here is a list of things to consider before participating in Chemical Play:

  • First and Foremost, the exposure of chemicals cannot be undone. Once exposed, you must endure the results and respond appropriately.
  • Chemicals do not react right away. Some take time for their sensations to be felt, so do not reapply more if you don’t get instant results. Communicate with your partner to gauge the level of sensation, remember communication is key.
  • Make sure you be careful combining different chemicals to the same area. This will avoid an unwanted reaction.
  • Don’t be overly generous with the amount you apply to yourself or your partner. Remember, it takes a while for some sensations build.
  • If you plan to participate in chemical play involving the genital area, make sure you shave first. The hair will get in the way.
  • Keep disposable gloves handy. With all BDSM play, you can almost always find a reason why you would need a pair of gloves.
  • As stated before, communication is key, make sure you are aware of your own and your partner’s allergies before participating in a scene.
  • If you are planning a chemical play scene, make sure your account for time for sensations to take effect.
  • Remember, some areas are more sensitive than others. Apply heating items and other chemicals cautiously.

All Done, Time to Remove

Another important part of chemical play is the cleanup. You obviously want to remove any chemicals from your skin before you go off on your daily activities. It’s wise to know the best ways to wash off these chemicals easily and safely. Or maybe you aren’t done with your play, you just used something you want off your body. Well here are a list of substances that are good for removing your basic oil-based substances; Milk, aloe vera, baby shampoo, or olive oil. Avoid water when working with oil-based chemicals, as it would only spread it around instead of washing it off.

As always, keep substances away from your eyes. In the event something gets in your eyes, use some eye flush and consult medical aid. Some people have sensitive skin, allergies, or they may have other reactions, such as hives, to chemicals. It is vital to know how to clean up in the events of one of these problems.

What The Fig

There are many specialized activities involving chemical play, but one popular one is figging. To put simply, it is the act of putting a carved ginger root in the anus of yourself or your partner. The sensation felt is often stinging and sometimes can give a small amount of pain to the sub that is enduring it. This can be combined with other forms of play involving dom and sub roles. Many enjoy figging combined with spanking and bondage. It adds to the sensation of dominance over the sub and sometimes humiliation.

The preparation of figging is fairly simple. You start by going to the store and retrieving a hand of ginger. Make sure it is big enough to be a butt plug and still small enough to move around and control. Also makes sure it isn’t small enough to get lost either. Then you carve it down into the right shape and size. To spice things up, after about a half hour of play, you can carve the ginger root down a bit to expose a fresh layer for added sensation.

This form of BDSM is best combined with any other play. Chemical play is sensual and erotic, while being a tad bit exotic for something so basic and common. As always, practice safety and remember to communicate with your partner as much as you can. Keep the counteracting agents handy and have some good ol’ fashion fun.