Gagged and whipped

He tells me to bend over the little leather cube we use to rest our feet on whilst watching tv. He tells me to put my hands behind my back and he ties them there, tight. The rope is frayed and rough and it hurts, it hurts and I like it. He takes the other end of the rope which is now draped conveniently in the crack of my ass and ties my feet together. Still behind me he pulls the bit gag between my teeth and I bite down on it as he straps it around the back of my head. And then he slips the blindfold over my head and my world is dark. I feel that immediate surge of heat between my legs that I get every time the blindfold comes into play and then I know he’s standing in front of me because I hear his little noise of approval before he tells me he’s going to have a shower. I cant help but moan and wriggle a little and test how strong my ropes are as he leaves the room. I can’t move all that much but that doesn’t matter because he told me not to move so I won’t. I can’t see or speak either but what I can do is dribble over my wooden gag and apparently I can also get myself worked up into an amazingly horny frenzy to the point I can barely stop myself from moaning and trying to beg him to come back.

It feels like hours before he comes back and when I hear him enter the room I can barely stay still, I want to beg and plead but my gag is tight. I hear his little ‘mmmm’ of approval and try to look up but I can’t see anything. He moves behind me and I can smell his shower gel that seems to turn me on even more. He slips his fingers between my legs and laughs telling me how wet I am. I moan loudly biting down on my gag and pushing back on his fingers desperate to have him touch me, desperate to have him inside me.

‘Oh you dirty little bitch’ he says stroking my ass and I whimper as his hand leaves my hot cunt.

Next I feel the whip running down my back and over my ass and my whole body shivers with anticipation. It comes down over my ass again and again marking me all over. I scream and whimper and moan so loudly through my gag, my legs trying to struggle, my wrists rubbing against the rope as they twist and pull in their restraints and my teeth biting harder and harder into the wood between them.

The whipping stops for a moment and I hear the sound of his camera behind me and then he walks past me and tells me to lift my head and takes another picture of my dribbling face.

‘Mmmmm, nice’ he says.

He’s behind me again and there’s a little more whipping just to work up my sweat a bit more and probably because he enjoys hearing my muffled screams. Then he unties my feet and pushes my legs apart. I push back eagerly, my cunt so glad to finally get his cock. He slips inside and stretches me open and I moan deeply as I bite down on my gag so hard and push back even harder onto him as he grabs my hips.

Keep your eyes peeled for this weeks Sinful Sunday for a little picture from this encounter!

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