Going to Your First Dungeon Play Party

You may be asking yourself what a play party is? Well this is just a gathering of people who enjoy BDSM. This allows people to play publicly, get really pervy, and even just connect with people who share the same type of mind set. It can be pretty overwhelming the very first time that you decide to enter into a place that is all about encouraging you to express desires in a large group of people who are on the same page as you.

Dungeon Play Party
Dungeon Play Party

The biggest part of getting to enjoy yourself, is to realize that you are a newbie. You are going to look like a newbie, but that is not a bad thing at all. Every single person was new at some point and it was intimidating. Just be mindful and respectful to others, and no one will judge you based on you being new.

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Types of Parties

There are 2 types of parties, you have public play parties, or you have private play parties. A public party is an event that is open to the public. This normally happens in a fetish space or dungeon where you are required to pay admission. You will often find ads for these on social networks for the kinky minded. There are upsides and downsides. Public events mean that anyone can just show up and not everyone will be vetted as being safe.

Private parties are more a really kinky house party. You will only be allowed to attend if you have been invited. This creates a safe, and more intimate play environment. You will see more intense and involved play based on people knowing each other. You often meet up for dinner and then head back to someone’s home for a good time.

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You will want to be prepared. This means you have to dress for success, prepare for the types of play, and have set expectations.