How Often Should You Have Sex?

One of the biggest questions that most couples have, even if they have been married for a couple of decades is just how often should we be having sex and does having more sex make our relationship better?

Believe it or not, people have been studying this for decades and that magic number is supposedly only 98 times in a single year! However, this is what was reported, and it does not always mean that it is actually happening.

Is sex better than money?

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology did a study and stated that having more sex was more associated with satisfaction than having money.

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Yet, the truth is that there is not an actual number and there is no should in it. The number is completely relative, and it should not be focused on. Each person will have their very own definition of what the magic number is. This should tell you that there may not be a set number for the whole world.

Is There a Such Thing as Too Much Sex?

Never focus on just what other people in the world are doing as determining how your relationship needs to go. Sex is between you and your partner or partners. The frequency is something that should be determined based on you and your partner’s needs. This keeps it at a pace that you are both happy with while making sure that there is no quota to be met.

Even that bare minimum attitude can cause you to wonder. If you are turned on, but you already had sex 3 times that week, well don’t hold back. You don’t have to have sex, but isn’t that naturally desired sex amazing. When sex is not expected, authentic, and completely effortless is the best.

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The only time you should be worrying about a number is if in the past 3 months you have only had sex 1 or 2 times.