Morning sex

I wake up with a silly grin on my face, the way I normally do when he stays over and am pleased to see him smiling back at me before we share a small good morning kiss. Morning sex isn’t really our thing, there normally isn’t time, no one has brushed their teeth and everyone needs a wee. Still, one of my favourite things is seeing his hard cock in the mornings, as though it has woken up just like us, ready for the day. Despite it being the morning and my mouth being a bit dry I still want to get to it. He pulls back the cover showing me his gloriously thick, hard, morning cock and I ask, like a good girl, if I can suck it a little bit before we get up.

‘Go on then, a little bit’ he says, mocking me slightly but I don’t care and dive straight on it as he holds the back of my head down meaning I can’t really move back and forth, my mouth is just stuck there holding his cock as I desperately try to suck on it and get some movement going. He pulls me off and I whine slightly because it wasn’t long enough in my opinion and he laughs as I lay back on my side on my front smiling at him. He climbs on top of me and I think he is just doing it to get out of bed but he lays on top of me and slides his cock between the cheeks of my ass and to the bottom of my cunt that is getting hotter and wetter. I wriggle beneath him moving my hips up and trying to get his cock closer to my cunt. He holds both my wrists either side of me tightly and I test his strength as I continue to squirm beneath him, now able to feel how wet I am from his cock slipping between the lips of my cunt. He bites the back of my shoulder and I groan and wriggle more; It hurts and I like it and it makes me want him inside me all the more.

My wriggling and whining get louder and more impatient as I try to raise my hips beneath him, trying to spread my legs a little wider, trying so badly to get his cock inside me. He bites me again making me squirm more vigorously, more urgently. And then it happens. Then he slips his cock inside my tight cunt and starts to fuck me. My legs still so close together and barely able to move I have no control. I love the weight of him pinning me there, I love that I can’t change anything, this is how he wants to fuck me. He pushes in deeper and we both moan loudly as I tighten even more around his cock. He comes inside me and we both lay there for a moment panting and I tremble slightly as I continue grinning at him, my body aching beautifully. I can feel the bruises his teeth have made on my back and I can’t wait to see them but for now I’m enjoying us laying naked and grinning like fools in our morning sweat.

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