Mouth watering activities

I can honestly say that the thought of being forced to my knees and having my master’s cock forced down my throat makes my mouth water. Sometimes i sit at my desk at work thinking about his hard cock and i literally cannot stop myself from salivating. Now things have not always been this way, let me assure you. Spending the first six years of my adult life in a lesbian relationship the last thing i wanted in my mouth was a big hard dick! The thought of it repulsed me! So what changed?

Well to start with, obviously, the lesbian relationship ended — amicably might i add. And so for the first time i was out in the world on my own and i started talking to a friend, a friend with a lot more experience than me. When the subject of submission somehow came up i could hardly hold in my excitement and the last several years of trying to hide it came pouring out all at once and i wanted nothing more than for him to burst through my back door (literally speaking) and pin me down and fuck me hard.

Since then our dom/sub relationship has moved on greatly and he often pins me down and fucks me (and bursts through my back door). My favourite thing as his submissive, tip top of my list is sucking his cock. I can’t get enough of it. I love how submissive it is, whether i am on my knees in front of him or he is laying back on my bed. And i love how i can make him groan whilst i’m doing it. What i think keeps me salivating at the thought of it is another of my favourite things of being a submissive — denial.


Wearing one of my favourite pieces of bondage around my neck — my chain and padlock. I am locked to my headboard as he stands next to my bed stroking his thick hard cock, i watch him intently as my cunt starts to ache and my mouth instinctively starts watering. I stretch out to take his cock in my mouth but i can’t reach. I squirm desperately, pulling on my chain, reaching my tongue forward trying to lick the small bead of come that has formed on the end of his cock as he continues stroking it slowly, enjoying my desperate performance. ‘Aw, what’s the matter baby? What do you want?’ he asks me. He wants me to beg. I want to beg. He knows it embarrasses me and turns me on to ask for such filthy things and he is happy to wait until i am desperate enough to ask, to plead, to beg.

This is my favourite game. I want to beg for that cock in my mouth like a dirty little slut. I want to dribble at the thought of it and see how my excitement at the thought of it makes it all even more exciting for him.

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