Multi-Orgasmic Pleasure for Men and Women

There are several types of orgasms for men and women. You have sequential orgasms that happen every 10 or more minutes. The single orgasms which happens just once and you both go your separate ways, or the serial orgasms which means that you are having quite a few right after another. Even though women tend to be multi-orgasmic, men can do it as well. Not all people are able to master it though.

Even though it is much easier for a woman to achieve multiple orgasms, a man can become multi-orgasmic. It basically means that you have understand your own sexuality and know a few techniques. Once a man gets to the point where he can have multiple orgasms, he can satisfy his partner better and have more fun as well.

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In order for a man to have multiple orgasms, he needs to get off, and maintain his erection and then climax again. When a woman has multiple orgasms, she will need to not allow any type of arousal to subside. This means that even though your bean may be sensitive after getting off, take 10 seconds and go again. This will allow you to achieve multiple orgasms.

As long as you can develop sexual muscles in the pelvis, control your sexual energy, and know your partner, then you can certainly achieve multiple orgasms. The biggest part of this is to use your breathing. Similar to edging, you can reach that point that will allow you to orgasm without actually ejaculating.

In the end, it is about staying in the moment and keeping yourself from crashing into that mind-blowing orgasm that makes your toes clench and back arch for minutes. Just take your time and practice, as practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

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