‘Not until I say bitch’

He lifts the t-shirt over my head so I’m standing in front of him naked, he takes my glasses off and I brace myself for a possible slap but it doesn’t come. He pushes me against the wall for a moment and strokes and caresses me until I’m shaking slightly against him, so sensitive to his touch. He tells me to lay face down on the bed.

I always thought being tied up extensively would take too long and by the time it was done I’d be bored but it was more like foreplay — I was far from bored. I was soaked.

I awkwardly get myself on my knees and off the end of the bed as he guides me by pulling the rope back with me. He pulls me back to the wall where my ring bolt hangs and starts to thread the long rope through until he’s pulling on it so my elbows are yanked up, pushing my tits even further out until I’m almost on my tip toes. He stands back to admire his work once I’m secure and I keep myself facing downwards incase of a slap. He steps away to my box of goodies and comes back with my nipple clamps. He attaches them slowly one at a time and I wince slightly as each of them  settle into their firm grip. The small chain hangs down between them and he pulls on it a couple of times making me squeak slightly with each tug. He brings over one of the long heavy chains he usually uses to restrain me and starts winding it around the chain of my clamps until it’s secure enough not to slip off and then he lets go of it. It yanks heavily on my clamps and I moan out for a prolonged time as he steps back smiling and rubbing his now hard cock. I watch him intently, now completely distracted from the pain I’m in. I want that cock in my mouth, I swallow hard thinking about it. He steps forward again and slips his hand between my legs and laughs ‘Oh you wet little bitch’ he grins. I squirm on his fingers giggling a little myself at how wet I am when he’s barely touched me. He rubs lightly on my clit and I wriggle against my tight restraints as he does trying to get more attention on my wet cunt. Suddenly he turns me around and pushes me against the wall. I wobble awkwardly finding it hard to balance tied up like this. He presses his body against mine and I feel his hard cock teasing my ass cheeks. I push back getting higher on my tip toes trying to get his cock to my cunt. He pushes against me harder and I feel my wetness touch his cock. I squirm against it almost bouncing up and down, desperate to have him fill me. He puts his hand on my back and tells me to stay there as he reaches up to the hook and starts to undo the rope. ‘On your knees’  he tells me and I sink down slowly, facing him as he lets the rope relax a little until its long enough. Before he’s finished tying the rope I lean forward and eagerly take his cock deep in my mouth. A hard slap across the face almost knocks me over. ‘Not until I say bitch’.

Now let me just pause there and say that again…’Not until I say bitch!’ Just in case you don’t understand just how cunt clenching this moment really was, in case you don’t realise that this memory keeps me up at night with my hand between my legs… A hard slap across the face almost knocks me over. ‘Not until I say bitch!’ Ungh…

He walks back over to the box leaving me on my knees, my face stinging and eyes streaming slightly. He stands back in front of me stroking the length of the whip. I look up at him through my big wet eyes and mess of hair. My cunt shudders as I watch him stroke that whip but I can’t help still focusing on his thick, hard cock, I just want it in my mouth so badly and the fact that I’m not allowed makes me want it all the more. He pulls on his cock teasing me before he quickly whips me across the stomach and then both nipples. I scream out at each lash as my clamps torture my nipples and he whips them again and again. I squirm there on my knees but with all the rope there’s no where for me to go, I am at my masters mercy, just as I like to be, just as I should be and he continues to whip me all over.

When he’s done whipping me he stands in front of me so his cock is within licking distance. My mouth twitches at the same time as my cunt with excitement but I won’t make the same mistake twice. I look up at him and then at his cock and then back up again as he starts stroking his cock again, he knows how crazy that drives me, especially this close to my mouth. I wriggle and murmur a scared ‘Please…’

‘What’s that baby?’ he asks me pulling harder on his cock.

‘Please, please let me suck your cock’ I beg swallowing hard and licking my lips, my eyes fixated on his cock now. He smiles down at me silently until I beg him again and then finally he forces himself into my mouth. With my mouth on his cock I make a sound that is half a sigh of relief and half an orgasmic moan. But my mouth isn’t filled with cock for long before he takes it away again and quickly unties me from the ring bolt and forces me face down onto the floor. With my ass sticking in the air and my arms still tied awkwardly behind me I start edging back and wriggling to get closer to his cock that is teasing my cunt again but it isn’t long before he pushes deep into me and I moan out loudly, my wet cunt finally filled with what it needs. He holds onto my ropes as he fucks me hard from behind and I push back gladly on to him. My nipple clamps are dragging across the carpet with every thrust and pulling on them more and more making me louder and louder.

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