Rehab for Sex Addiction

Sex addiction cannot really be defined, so there is not a real diagnosis for sex addiction. Yet, there are some researchers who have provided explanations. Sex addiction is a pattern of compulsive sexual behavior or fantasies that are causing issues within daily life.

Sex Addiction
Sex Addiction

How to diagnose sex addiction

Since there is not an official way to determine if someone has sex addiction, there are some methods that are used to determine if a person is addicted to sex. Firstly, many people will often do a lot of research on the subject. The main part of sex addiction is that you are feeling out of control and it is affecting your daily life because you are can think about is sex. If you are feeling that strongly, then you should do a self-test. There are some that can be done online, but it is best to have them done by a professional such as the Sex Help Test, Sexual Recovery Institute Tests or tests from Sex Addicts Anonymous. After this move on to getting a professional opinion and that way you can find what your next options are.

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A professional may determine that you need to see a CSAT or Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. These can be found in residential treatment places, which means that you will be an in-patient at a facility that will focus on your addiction. There are also outpatient programs that can help. This is often followed with therapy and counseling sessions with the help of a 12-step program.

Final Thoughts

If you believe that you need help, then you can search online for programs or you can call one of many helplines within your area. Many are toll free and allow you to see what you can do if you believe that you are suffering with sex addiction.

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