One of the most controversial, and safest forms of BDSM play is watersport. Many people cringe and shy away from it, but the fact is everyone is curious about the appeal of piss play. For starters, what is it? Put simply, watersport is an activity that should be done with a trusted and clean partner. Urine is used in many ways for many reasons, erotic pleasure, humiliation, form of showing dominance, and other reasons.

 Is it safe? Absolutely, as long as you take necessary safety measures prior to the play. “But it’s so dirty!” You are wrong. Pee is almost 100% sterile and is even safe to ingest in small doses. That is, however, as long as the person urinating is healthy. I won’t say it is without risk, there is a chance of bacteria if toys or catheters are not cleaned properly.

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Safety First

Safety is always the first step in any activity with your partner. For starters, and for health reasons, it is advised that you drink plenty of water about an hour before performing any piss play with your partner. This is for two reasons, one you are less likely to become dehydrated, two your urine will be affected by what you take into your body. Best to use water to dilute the pee rather than something that would add a strange taste to it. Yes, I said taste.

 Which brings us to our next tip, water for your partner. If you plan on ingesting urine for your piss play, make sure you drink plenty of water. Pee is not something you want to drink dehydrated. Also, make sure your partner (the one peeing) is healthy and doesn’t have hepatitis.

 Lastly, for the safety of you and your partner, do not use any drugs or alcohol prior to play. Everything you put in your system has an effect on your urine. Foreign substances like alcohol and drugs can be transmitted through your urine and may cause unpleasant effects.

 Position Change

 Now there are a number of positions and activities you can do with your watersport. A few of the activities express dominance such as forcing your partner to hold their urine in until advised or told to pee. Making them piss themselves or on you, or even adding a humiliation factor by forcing urination on newspaper or in a bucket with an audience. There are many other ways to have fun with pee in dominant and humiliating ways. Some people just enjoy being in the bathroom while their partner pees and that’s okay too.

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 Positions are plenty and many serve multitasking purposes incorporating toys and tools to the bedroom for added sexual pleasure. Something to note, and this is common sense, make sure any toys you use are waterproof for obvious reasons.

 #1 Fountain of Venus

The woman lays on her back, with a full bladder, her legs apart. Her partner will then begin to perform oral sex on her while she, at her discretion, will empty her bladder into their mouth.

 #2 Golden Shower

This is the most commonly known form of watersport. One partner kneels, sits, crouches, or lays down while the other urinates on them. This is usually a humiliation or dominating act.

 #3 Spitting Snake

Similar to the fountain of Venus, but from a male perspective. The man rubs his penis all over his partner’s face. When he feels the time has come, he tells them to open wide and he releases his bladder.

#4 Self Peeing

This is the watersport equivalent to masturbation. This is where you lay on your back, propping your legs up on the wall. The goal is to get your genitals above your face then empty your bladder all over it.

#5 Flooding The Cave

Flooding the cave is where a man and his partner spoons, and the man releases his bladder inside his partner. This is best done after the man has recently ejaculated and has a full bladder. It may take some time to get started, but the bladder will give in eventually and the fun can begin.

 Some things to consider in the art of watersport, they are diet, mess, and environment. While eating healthy and drinking plenty of water should be a routine, daily activity, it is important in piss play that you stay healthy and safe.

 Mess is something to take note of. This form of play can get real messy real quick and you should always be prepared to use plastic sheets, or the bathtub. It is also advised to keep towels handy just in case.

 Environment is important because, you want to be safe and temperature controlled. Take precautions to avoid unwanted chills from the cold air. It is also vital that you feel safe in your environment. Comfort in any form of BDSM play is a must have.